Veppam Review
Movie Info
Movie Veppam
Year 2011
Production Gautham Menon
Actor, Actress
Nani, Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi, Nithya Menen
Technical Info
Director Anjana Ali Khan
Music Joshua Sridhar
Camera Om Prakash
Editing Anthony
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A fly-by-night father who is a drug peddler and a pimp, an ailing mother, a son who decides to relieve his mother of her miseries by poisoning her – these are some of the characters that populate Anjana Ali Khan’s Veppam. Yes they are not pleasant but can be definitive for a movie’s performance. As much as the strength of her characters is presented, unfortunately their stories are not powerful enough to hail the movie so. The intricacies involved in writing an engaging script are yet to become an expertise for Anjana, who is graduating from ad films to feature films with Veppam.

Hence Aviyal has gritty characters that seek your attention – and most of the times they are successful in getting the same – but there is a shallowness lurking underneath all of it; that is equally difficult to point fingers at as it is to enjoy the movie. The fact that many of her actors try so hard to fit into the movie does not help much either.

Veppam follows the friendship of two men from a slum whose families are either seemingly falling apart or have already crumbled. When they become unwittingly part of a drug deal, their lives threaten to collapse in front of their eyes, bringing their dreams and love with it. Their careful actions become quintessential for their mere existence and they must tread carefully to not damage their lives and the
others lives entangled in it. Despite the lack of racy storytelling, Anjana’s story stands on its own rather successfully.

Anjana’s choice of actors is one of the few pluses of the movie. Karthik Kumar, who has almost been stereotyped in his roles of a sophisticated US return youngster, is in a different avatar and he manages not to go overboard with his performance. Nani fits the bill and the actor who comes across as a revelation in the movie is Nithya Menon. Forget her refined manner for a character like hers in the movie; she is brilliant in whatever she does. She does know, for a larger extent, her histrionics well and how to use her prettiness to the character’s advantage.

Anjana’s actors are good looking, they act decently well but their characterization in the movie screams for attention. Thanks to her advertising background, the songs are no less than visual treats. They are shot beautifully, albeit giving an ad jingle feeling, they provide respite from the movie’s lack of pace. Joshua Sridhar’s music complements well with Om Prakash’s cinematography and Anjana has extracted what is required for the movie from him.

Veppam’s challenge remains Anjana’s lack of focus (or experience, thereof) in the script that makes the movie a little too long, often bordering on pointlessness.

Veppam: Not as hot!

Verdict : Veppam: Not as hot!

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