Vandhan Vendran Review
Movie Info
Movie Vandhan Vendran
Year 2011
Production K. S. Sreenivasan
Actor, Actress
Jiiva,Nandha,Taapsee, Rahman, Santhanam
Technical Info
Director R. Kannan
Music Thaman
Camera P. G. Muthiah
Editing V. T. Vijayan
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Director Kannan, who has carved a niche for himself with commercial ventures such as Jeyamkondan and Kanden Kadhalai, is back with Vandan Vendraan. At the outset, Vandan Vendraan looks like the same story with a love, sibling rivalry and everything else associated with it going on for it. But Kannan knows his onions well and, although the movie seems to wander aimlessly for most of its running time,
he perks up the audience with a twist in the climax.

Agreed the movie has a twist in the climax, but what about the rest of it? Kannan seems to think that a movie packed with songs is entertainment enough even if it hinders the flow. A good old logic but it doesn’t particularly work when the songs are no good and when the situations do not warrant the songs. Kannan packs the first half of the movie mostly with songs with little less else. So before you
figure out what’s going on in the screen, there is a song or two to announce the arrival of love and other emotions. But for a couple of songs, the rest are pointless and make you pine for their ending.

It’s obvious the actors are bowled over by the script, solely by the strength of its climax. Jiiva and Santhanam, the legendary pair from the movie Siva Manasula Sakthi, have tried to bring the roof down. Santhanam’s firecracker dialogues and comic timing comes in handy for him and he has been successful in pepping up the proceedings to a large extent.

Jiiva is the angry young man and although he has done these types of roles to death, he finds something different to hold on to and comes off successfully. Here, it seems it’s his fear for dogs. Taapsee looks cute, is dressed in pretty outfits and has a charming quality about her when delivering dialogues. But this is not quite the Irene like role and this is as much as you can expect out of her. For most part, Santhanam seems to be leading the movie’s cast and he does it without much effort. Nanda, in his new avatar, looks dashing (sometimes more so than even the film’s hero) and carries off his role well.

Quality of Thaman’s music is strictly restricted to two songs of the movie and the rest is largely passé. This is not Kannan’s tour de force but Vandan Vendraan is not entirely a boring piece of cinema. Watch it if you have nothing important to do and for Jiiva – Santhanam’s comical one-liners. And if you pull through until the climax, you will appreciate the director’s penchant for writing interesting climax pieces.

Verdict: Average fare!

Verdict : Average fare!

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