Vaanam Movie Review
Movie Info
Movie Vaanam
Year 2011
Production VTV Ganesh
Actor, Actress
Silambarasan, Bharath, Sneha ullal, Prakash Raj, Anushka Shetty
Technical Info
Director Krish
Music Yuvan Shankar Raja
Camera Nirav Shah
Editing Anthony
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First of all, director Krish needs to be felicitated for having done away with the rigmarole of force-feeding commercial ingredients to his viewers in the name of entertainment. This despite the presence of Silambarasan, an aspiring potboiler-specialist. Second of all, Silambarasan himself needs to be patted on the back for having resort to a movie like Vaanam that has very little to satiate his so-called image.


Loosely inspired by the acclaimed Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s style of movie making, Vaanam is desi Babel at best. Although not as daunting, Krish populates the story with an interesting bunch of characters. They take over the story, tying up its loose ends, and make it appealing, sometimes with their sheer acting talent and at other times aided with other preps including dialogues.


Vaanam tells the story of five strangers and their journey to Chennai for different reasons. Silambarasan plays the role of a slum dweller Cable Raja, whose sole aim in life is to get married to a rich woman. Anushka, on the other hand, is on the run from a prostitution gang. Bharath is the musician who is on his way to Chennai for his program. Prakashraj, who sets out in search of his last brother and Saranya, who is on a journey to Chennai to sell her kidney to raise money to cover her debts.


Vaanam revolves around these characters and their travails in achieving their individual goals. At some level, they come together and realize that their destinies are intertwined. As the movie closes, Krish also delivers a silent punch in the climax with a socially relevant climax.


Simbhu’s cable Raja is a rock star. His wry demeanor, coupled with Santhanam’s irreverent humor is enough to bring the house down. Santhanam unleashes his brutality mercilessly on just about everyone aided with his wisecracks and one-liners. And simbhu keeps him loyal company. Simbhu has blissfully sacrificed his hero-image and is all cable Raja. Anushka has perhaps done a role that many actors might frown upon. And she has pulled it off with ease as well.


Other performances worth a mention include stellar performances of Prakashraj and Saranya. Bharath, as the real rock star, has nothing much to do but does whatever is assigned to him.


Krish’s strength is his cleverly scripted screenplay. The narration deserves praise as Krish has managed to convincingly bring together five different stories in one line. He has also done away with the inevitable feeling of doom, usually associated with such movies that thrive in realism. However, there is a sense of feeble shallowness while watching the movie that could have been avoided.


All said and done, Krish and the cast have done a brilliant job in terms of both performance and execution.

Verdict : Vaanam is definitely worth a watch!

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