Theneer Viduthi Review
Movie Info
Movie Theneer Viduthi
Year 2011
Production S.Annushaa Devi
Actor, Actress
Aadhith, Resmi Menon
Technical Info
Director S.S.Kumaran
Music S.S.Kumaran
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It’s easy to be deceived by a name. For instance a simple, unpretentious name like Theneer Viduthi could evoke numerous memories. And with Tamil cinema dishing out movies like Kalavaani, it’s also quite natural to think that Theneer Viduthi is some kind of indie-gem. But make no such mistake. The only thing the movie has, that is praiseworthy is its location and the beautiful heroine. Add to it the fact that the movie does not have violence, blood, gore and fight sequences.

But what is worth mentioning, perhaps evident in the movie, is that director S S Kumaran seems to have tried to deliver a different movie. Although he has consciously attempted to break away from the done to death stereotypes, what works against the movie is its lack of profundity that is painfully visible in every single frame. As a result, it ends up looking amateurish – in both look and feel.

Kumaran’s casting is spot on. He got perfect actors for the roles and it works. But his inability in extracting performance from the actors is for all to see. The amateurish feel creeps into every single frame of the movie. Hence there are comedy scenes – without any comedy, not
so surprisingly – pathos pass off as comedy and happy scenes leaves one perplexed. Over all and above, nobody in the movie can act any better than a piece of log. After one level, you stop stifling your yawn and it becomes inevitable that by the end of the movie you are either fast asleep or completely irritated for having wasted time.

But director Kumar seems to have potential. Since he is also the musician for the movie, the background score and songs show a glimpse of promise. But that needs to be polished. And let Thenir Vidudi be the first step towards that.

In the end, why is the movie called Thenir Vidudi? Is it because the hero woos the heroine in the tea shop? We would like to think so but the movie does not provide any plausible explanation.

Verdict: Not your cup of tea!

Verdict : Not your cup of tea!

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