Singam Puli Review
Movie Info
Movie Singam Puli
Year 2011
Production Parthiban
Actor, Actress
Jiiva, Divya Spandana, Santhanam
Technical Info
Director Sai Ramani
Music Mani Sharma
Camera Balasubramaniam
Editing Venky
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Like how many times have you watched twin brothers – one turning into a scum and the other a bright, scholar – fighting it out against each other? The bright one becomes a scapegoat for the bad one’s actions; he womanizes and lives by conning people. And when the two meet, all hell breaks loose. Which part of this story haven’t you seen our directors morphing in a million different forms and presenting it to us under different disguises?

Singam Puli unfolds in the same breadth with nothing much to offer despite having the highly talented Jiiva onboard, who usually receives glowing reviews for his performances. Here, he tries his best to shoulder the responsibilities of a good and a bad man. Oddly, he couldn’t win it in the bad man’s role – although this role is not simply a match to his layered psychic role in the hugely acclaimed Ram. Jiiva is not to blame. He has done his best this character is worth.

On the other hand, the good brother bears the brunt of his lowly brother’s actions. Thanks to the deadbeat formula - blood is thicker than water - adopted by directors from the previous century; the good brother goes into sacrificial mode trying to fixing up the evils performed by the prodigal one. Despite all this sacrificial humdrum exercises, the younger brother wants to kill his elder brother. Why? Oh well, because he is simply bad. Go figure.

Director Sai Ramani seems to seriously suffer from a heavy hangover after watching dozens of doppelganger movies. The movie miserably fails to hold the viewer’s attention in all the quarters making it excruciatingly boring to sit for about two and a half hours. The only respite being Santhanam’s comedy, it appears in flashes and disappears before the reality of the movie’s length sink in. You wont get to see too much of either Divya (who only appears sporadically in the Tamil scene) or Honey Rose because they are just used as fillers.

The below average music brings with it lackluster songs at regular intervals. If not for an innovative script, Sai Ramani should serious concentrate on the characterization of the characters he wants to portray. For here, none of the characters make even the slightest effort to relate to the viewer in any manner.

Verdict : Double role, double farce!

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