Mayakkam Enna Review
Movie Info
Movie Mayakkam Enna
Year 2011
Production Gemini Film Circuit
Actor, Actress
Dhanush, Richa Gangopadhyay
Technical Info
Director Selvaraghavan
Music G. V. Prakash Kumar
Camera Ramji
Editing Kola Bhaskar
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If you are steadfast and focused on your goal while chasing your dreams without getting sidetracked, you are bound to reach your destination seems to be the oneline of this Selvaraghavan directed film. But Mayakkam Enna is just not about this oneline. In the journey of life, surprises are a certainty that would not be anything like cinema. The first appreciation goes to director Selvaraghavan for
having opted for such a travel in a gutsy way. The second accolade also goes to him for eschewing commercial elements despite having his regular clichés.

There are many factors that need to be appreciated in Mayakkam Enna and the top one goes to the apt casting. All the cast members are the right choice but two artists who have ubiquitous presence in the film are Dhanush and Richa Gangopadhyay. We all know that Dhanush transforms into his character completely. Mayakkam Enna is no exception and the National Award winner has breathed the role of Karthik Swaminathan. The anguish, glee, distress and all those emotions felt by Karthik waft from the screen to the audience and engulf them completely. This is Dhanush’s major success as an artist. Richa is definitely not a glam doll and exhibits all her feelings through her eyes. There is a big respectable place waiting for this girl from America.

Perhaps it is to do with the main theme being photography, Mayakkam Enna’s cinematography by Ramji is magnificent. He deserves a royal salute. G V Prakash’s songs are hum worthy and he has scored well in the re-recording in perfect line with the flow of the story. Kola Bashkir’s editing also adds up to the spice of the film.

What pulls down the movie is its pace. The first half which goes in a light manner itself is slow and the second half which is rather serious is still slower. True cinema lovers may not mind this but what about the rest of the audience?

There are many features in the film that deserve mention especially the sharp dialogues. It is commendable to leave many important portions without any dialogues. One sharp look or action can demonstrate what thousand words would convey. To top it all, a touching climax serves as the perfect garnishing.

Verdict : Mayakkam Enna – Pleasantly lingers

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