Kullanari Koottam Movie Review
Movie Info
Movie Kullanari Koottam
Year 2011
Production Ashish Jain V
Actor, Actress
Vishnu, Remya Nambeeshan
Technical Info
Director Sri Balaji
Music Selvaganesh
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Hero Vishnu, an unemployed MBA, goes to recharge his dad’s mobile for Rs 1500 but the amount gets credited erroneously to Remya Nambeesan. In a desperate attempt to get the money back, he contacts her and the events that follow slowly metamorphose in to love that forms the main theme of Kulla Nari Kootam.

There is no adversary in the name of villain to love in KNK but there is a unique issue and how hero Vishnu resolves it forms the rest of the story.

A different love story but if the presentation had been good, Tamil audiences would have lapped it up and celebrated it. The film would have been a huge success unmindful of world cup cricket fever but alas it has been bowled clean in all the three stumps with bails fleeing.

KNK has predominantly new faces who behave in a very amateurish manner. The major minuses of the films are its ‘drama’ like  sequences which are very boring, lackadaisical and seem to prolong.

Even though, the first half is very slow, it is interesting and appreciable but the second half completely lacks focus and traverses on a path with no definite goal or destination. The second half fails due to the introduction of many characters which don’t add any kind of value to the narration which works against the film.

If at all, there is some kind of silver lining to the film, it has to be the heroine Remya Nambeesan who looks pleasing and also emotes well. It is important that Vishnu work on his acting skills.

The sequence when the title gets justified induces laughter and is very childish and immature. The dialogues that appear in the scene which are actually meant to be very serious turn out to be very comical.

Technical aspects don’t draw any attention and the romance of Vishnu and Remya are appreciable and the song Vizhigalile sounds appealing. Other numbers are not worth remembering. Kulla Nari Kootam is just another ordinary film.

Verdict : Kullanari Kootam is a mob of sheep

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