Ko Movie Review
Movie Info
Movie Ko
Year 2011
Production Jayaraman, Kumar
Actor, Actress
Jiiva, Ajmal, Karthika, Piaa, Prakash Raj
Technical Info
Director K.V.Anand
Music Harris Jayaraj
Camera Richard Nathan
Editing Anthony
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Anand is someone who constantly pushes the envelope. His Ko set great expectations for itself what with Ayan setting the box office records straight and all that. Ko also reportedly draws inspiration from Anand’s own life – Anand started his career as a freelance photo journalist for magazines, much like his protagonist Ashwin, except for the kick-ass bike and the zany stunts we would like to believe.

With Ko, Anand proves that he can be counted any day as a rock-solid entertainer. Anand brilliantly camouflages his shortcomings; sometimes with his able handed actors, sometimes inserting songs into the narrative (one of which is particularly misplaced) and generally by presenting a visually stunning, thriller caper with not much glaring bloopers sticking out like a sore thumb. On that and many such counts, Ko pulls it off without much complexities.

Anand resorts to a tad atypical storyline about how media can bring about a change in the prevailing political scenario and even a change in the government. Ko (although it might baffle you what the connection between the movie’s title and the movie is, it serves the purpose) is about the photo journalist Ashwin, played by Jiiva, and his colleagues. Jiiva’s life progresses with the nitty-gritties of a
photo journo, his obstinate colleague Renu (played by Karthika) and Saro (Pia) who nurtures a secret crush for Jiiva, and the aspiring politician Vasanthan (Ajmal). These central characters get drowned in the whirlpool of Vasanthan’s political ambitions. But do these ambitions also have good intentions? That is the primary thread that connects the movie until its climax.

Slow pace of the first half is compensated in the second half with crisply written twists and screenplay. We do not know it’s the racy screenplay or the dialogues or the adrenalin Jiiva pumped into the character, he has seriously done a brilliant job of the good-natured, but struggling to come up in life, photo journalist. Anand’s Ayan touch is visible in parts as he infuses the movie with quickly cut shots
that make scenes momentarily appear and disappear thereby increasing the speed of the narrative.

Karthika has expressive eyes and she probably has received a hefty download of her mother’s experiences. It shows. She knows what she is doing and has the disposition of a trained actor, although she’s only debuting in Tamil now. Pia plays the unlucky damsel who falls for Jiiva only to forgo him for Karthika. Ajmal is the surprise package in the film; he delivers his role with ease, unburdened as if it was
that easy. Prakashraj and Bose are neat choices for their roles.

Anand has also selected a competent team to support Ko; racy screenplay (by Subha), unpredictable climax (although you will have a bad feeling about the character who will turn out to be the villain, Antony’s editing, Richard’s camera and stunts. Anand’s cinematography expertise comes in handy in the picturesque song sequences and Harris’s expertise scales up multifold.

On the whole, simply put, Ko will offer you wholesome entertainment.

Verdict : Full paisa vasool!

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