Kanchana Review
Movie Info
Movie Kanchana
Year 2011
Production Raghavendra Production
Actor, Actress
Raghava Lawrence, Lakshmi Rai, Sarathkumar
Technical Info
Director Raghava Lawrence
Music Thaman
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Although the promotional material for Kanchana gives a creepy feeling, what with the blood soaked dark images, the movie is actually not as spooky. Supposed to be the sequel to Muni, which found its favor among kids for its comedy quotient, Kanchana - more or less - picks up the story from its predecessor. There is the coward Lawrence, his mother Kovai Sarala and the ambitious model Lakshmi
Rai – characters familiar from Muni.

And the story is not much different from Muni either. Lawrence plays a transvestite with the reason behind his cross-dressing forming the crux of the movie. Otherwise, he is the regular wimp from Muni who doesn’t say boo to a goose. Lakshmi Rai provide ample glamour quotient (often unnecessary) to the movie. On the whole, Kanchana is not a path breaking horror movie. It passes off just as a passable
entertainer with almost the right mix of horror and comedy.

Lawrence, in his transvestite role, has done a not-so-bad job of it at the risk of stereotyping the role that is done to death in Tamil movies. Although kids in the audience might like his performance, the same cannot be said about the adult audience. His antics, and it’s probably the fault of the writing, are neither witty not engaging and hence it would only attract the attention of children. Kovai Sarala comes across
as a loud mother. After watching Kanchana, we realize we haven’t missed her absence in our movies. Lakshmi Rai is the pretty damsel who falls for Lawrence inevitably and sings and dances with him. She is pretty all right but her character seems contrived. Sarathkumar’s cameo is noteworthy.

Although the movie is devised like a horror-comedy, the horror part is done to spook the audience out. No, your children might not start screaming in horror in the theatres but they might just enjoy it because of the blend of comedy and horror the movie offers. Yes, there are logical loopholes – some very gaping good enough for an elephant to fall through – but the movie makes it up with its engaging scenes.

Verdict: Timepass!

Verdict : Timepass!

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