7Aum Arivu Review
Movie Info
Movie Ezham Arivu
Year 2011
Production Udhayanidhi Stalin
Actor, Actress
Suriya, Shruti Haasan, Johnny Tri Nguyen
Technical Info
Director A. R. Murugadoss
Music Harris Jayaraj
Camera Ravi K. Chandran
Editing Anthony
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Although Murugadoss has had delivered ingenious products before, we now remember him as the hit director of Gajini – which is not exactly his original idea. So when 7aum Arivu was announced and rumored to be inspired either by Inception and Perfume, expectations and curiosities ran high. But be assured, it’s neither one of those. It’s an out and out A R Murugadoss project but not without its flaws and logical loopholes. The movie starts off grandly about the life of Bodhidharma, a 5th Century Buddhist monk, but swiftly tumbles after that. While Murugadoss could not sustain the magnificence with which he started the movie, he has managed to create a product which is original despite its flaws.

The movie claims to be a sci-fi action thriller, a genre not very often (read, never) we hear in Tamil. Murugadoss has the onus of breaking the movie down to simple pieces so everyone can understand it. So the movie does not feature highflying scientific lingo and Murugadoss has tried to keep it simple.

7aum Arivu is about the story of a guy, who supposedly belongs to the Bodhidharma’s bloodline, and the efforts to tamper with his DNA so as to bring Bodhidharma back to the present day using genetic engineering. Why should he be brought to life at all? 7aum Arivu has the answer. This basic plot is infused with all things necessary for commercial cinema; love story, misunderstandings, adventures and songs (a little too many).

Murugadoss’s research on the subject Bodhidharma is evident throughout – or as long as he is the central plot of the movie. We are given a lowdown about the saint and his background and how he is significant for the movie. The script travels at a breakneck pace during this time and Ravi K Chandran’s camera plays a significant part in the attempt. Chandran’s camera brings beauty close to your eyes wherever it travels. Bodhidharma’s halo and the mellow eyes are a visual delight to watch and the casting for the character could not have been more perfect.

Suriya is a pro and knows what and how much to deliver. He does it with his characteristic panache, carrying the movie on his shoulders for most of the time. But it proves tedious after one point and the movie seemingly loses steam with its logical loopholes. While Murugadoss spent good amount of time in researching for the Bodhidharma part, he has missed out on the most basic and simple aspects of the movie. There are jarring flaws in the movie that stick out like a sore thumb and hence the movie largely fails to impress or convince you. The beautiful Shruti proves her lineage and is convincing in her role. Johnny as a villain is a revelation and Abhinaya does a good job.

Anthony’s editing and Harris background music are the other highpoints of the movie. However, in terms of songs, Harris seems to have let down his fans. May be one can attribute it to the placement of songs. They are oddly placed and occur at swift intervals and do not stay with you. It doesn’t help that none of the songs turn out to be hummable. Dialogues are juvenile and that’s partly because the scenes are not strong enough to substantiate the story’s actions. So people who are responsible for delivering the dialogues end up being caricatures. Imagine Shruti telling her friends, “Nee Poi Health Ministera Paaru, nee poi doctora paaru.”

The movie’s takeaway remain the Bodhidharma portions and the research Murugadoss and his team has done for that is evident onscreen. But for the rest, is an ordinary fare 7aum Arivu with beautiful looking people in their costumes and a weak story.

Verdict : Verdict: A different attempt, falls little short!

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