Eththan Movie Review
Movie Info
Movie Eththan
Year 2011
Production Nazir
Actor, Actress
Vimal, Sanusha, Ilavarasu, Manobala, Mayilsamy
Technical Info
Director Suresh
Music Taj Noor
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Watching Ethan makes you realize that Vimal is in serious danger of getting stereotyped. Although he fits the bill of an easy-go-lucky rural dude role with ease, it does get tiring to watch him in the same type of roles time and again. That said, in Ethan it’s not particularly an unbearably bad story, stereotyping Vimal. Ethan has a promising story; the story has the potential to converge into an interesting movie peppered with peculiar characters, reserved for villages.

What goes wrong with the movie is that it lacks a strong script; something that could bind the movie together in a mesh of interesting characters and events interspersed throughout. The director gets the casting right; Vimal and Sanusha are an appealing pair. As much as they are easy on the eye and fun to watch, there are very less scenes of the together. Besides the casting, the humor works in most parts of the movie. That’s blink and you miss type comedy and if you yawned for a minute, you have already missed it.

His villagers and well-wishers are subjects for Vimal’s experiments in business and much else. He borrows money from almost everyone in the village and disappears or avoids them completely after the deed is done. Nor does he return the money. His mischievousness cost him much more than money when he takes possession of Sanusha’s sister’s gold chain. And the rest of his struggles to set things straight, form the movie.

As mentioned earlier, Suresh’s screenplay seem to suffer from lack of events despite a hopeful storyline. Vimal is a pro in such characters and proves so in this as well. At times, you can’t help but feel that you are watching a matinee sitcom on television watching the performances of the cast. This,
notwithstanding the presence of good performers like Sanusha and Jayaprakash. The fact that the dialogues are lackluster also doesn’t help much in the movie’s progress.

Taj Noor’s two songs are pleasant but grossly misplaced in the movie. As a result it also hinders whatever flow the movie has. In the end, the only good thing about the movie is its lead pair Vimal and Sanusha. And yes, the comical portions that are sparse.

Verdict: Insipid.

Verdict : Insipid.

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