Velayudham Review
Movie Info
Movie Velayudham
Year 2011
Production Aascar Films
Actor, Actress
Vijay, Genelia DSouza, Hansika Motwani, Saranya Mohan
Technical Info
Director M. Raja
Music Vijay Antony
Camera Priyan
Editing V. T. Vijayan
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You go to a Vijay movie expecting four fights, a pretty heroine (if you are lucky, you will get to see two which is what happened in this case), two songs, a meanie weenie villain, a sister and lots of twists and turns. Well you get all that in Vijay’s latest installment Velayudham. Vijay is the savior of the masses and brutal assassinator of evil minded men from all sections of the society. Mostly, it works. Because that’s what the movie promises and you get into the halls expecting just that.

As much as director Raja would like to insist that Velayudham is not a remake, the movie bears the footprints of Azad in every single sequence. Velayudham is the story of a villager who becomes an accidental savior, a Robin hood. He gets pulled into the whirlpool of things intentionally, wearing the mask of Velayudham, when Genelia who in her deathbed creates an imaginary character to instill fear
in the minds of her tormentors. The character grows big and Vijay adopts it, becoming a crusader, to perform its duties of saving the world from the hands of evil terrorists.

Ravi has got everything right for a commercial entertainer. Who better than Vijay to don such a role. So we get Vijay in all his glory, doing something he probably missed doing for sometime (remember, his last time was not exactly a save-the-world flick). We have two pretty women accompanying him; if you like it slim and trim, there is the every-bubbly and perky Genelia doing the honors of dancing and prancing. But if you are more like a Kushboo-physique fan, there is Hansika. They both get equal dance sequences and screen space with Vijay and please the respective fans.

Vijay is a total crowd pleaser, as we all know him, and with just about three songs glorifying him and the fact that everyone loves him in Tamil Nadu, gives enough fodder for his whistleblower (like, literally) fans. Vijay Anthony’s music forms perfect attire for the film and most of his songs pass muster; expect an overdose of Chillax, Molachu Moonu and Mayam Seidhayo for the next two months.

Genelia and Hansika have nothing much to do expect look pretty and participate in the duets. In all honesty, Genelia has a little more than just that to do as a journalist and does it quit well. Whereas Santhanam provide comic fodder like he does every time proving that you can bank on him anytime. Saranya Mohan’s role is obviously inserted to bring some tears of joy and emotion.

The fact that Raja delivered the movie with not too many glitches should be appreciated because Vijay films have the notorious reputation of getting carried away too much, proclaiming his splendor. If all you expect is a no-brainer with some good songs, pretty women, some sentiment and comedy, Velayudham is the perfect movie for you. Go without too many expectations, you won’t be disappointed.

Total Vijay blast!

Verdict : Total Vijay blast!

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