Osthe Review
Movie Info
Movie Osthe
Year 2011
Production Balaji Real Media
Actor, Actress
Silambarasan, Githan Ramesh, Richa Gangopadhyay, Sonu Sood, Saranya Mohan, Santhanam,Ganesh, Nassar, Revathi, Mallika Sherawat
Technical Info
Director Dharani
Music Thaman
Camera Gopinath
Editing V. T. Vijayan
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Osthe comes with a huge baggage of past glory. It has to fulfill what Dabangg did in national box office by running like crazy. And it has to revitalize Silambarasan’s career. We do not know Osthe will be successful in replicating Dabangg’s history in Tamil box offices but it seems Silambarasan has got a good deal by opting for the movie. Already known for his ways with punch dialogues and other heroic attributes, Silambarasan makes best use of the opportunity. Needless to mention, Osthi provides him with opportunities much more than one can count.

We need not tell you the movie is the story of a roguish police officer because by now, there isn’t a single soul that hasn’t come across the Dabangg phenomenon. Silambarasan is a cop, who doesn’t often go by the rule book, and is dressed in the most unconventional way for a cop (for movies, at least) with a careless demeanor so chances are that you might have come across a similar looking / acting cop. That, only that, part of the character is relatable and the rest, as they say, is masala. But are we complaining? Hardly so.

Dabangg’s script expertly blended action and masala with other commercial ingredients such as family sentiments, of many events surrounding the title character (here, Silambarasan) and Osthe retains the flavor with Dharani, with his expertise in making such movies, does it with élan.  Silambarasan is the captain of the ship, under whose control the movie sails in a leisurely fashion, despite the overdose of punch dialogues and smartly choreographed fight sequences. Giving Silambarasan a role like this is like presenting a game freak kid with the latest Xbox. He takes it in his hands, stepping in the forefront, and swivels with all his might until you scream enough. But thankfully, his fans do not seem to do so.

The other supporting roles, played by Richa, Githan Ramesh, Santhanam, VTV Ganesh and Sonu Sood are overcast by Simbhu’s presence and it’s also a fact that the movie sorely lacks on the emotional quotient. Simbhu’s love towards Richa and his family seem rather shallow
and that sticks out like a sore thumb. Richa looks pretty, yes but we expected a fraction more than what she does in the movie – which is standing around all decked in pretty red saris, looking rather like a mannequin straight out of a textile shop.

Osthe has scored exceptionally well in terms of songs. Tamil Nadu, Neduvaali, Vaadi Vaddi and Kalasalaa – all the songs are hummable and up the glam quotient of the movie. Gopinath’s camera captures unblemished scenes and although V T Vijayan has pruned the movie enough, it stands to run for three hours. But you can’t claim that you were entertained all the three hours. Now that’s a gripe, it should’ve been at a lesser length.

Osthe guarantees full on fun. And if you are stepping into the theatre looking for something serious, chances are that you might come out disappointed. Go with zero expectations about anything else other than entertainment and this will work for you.


Verdict: Full on entertainment!


Verdict : Verdict: Full on entertainment!

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