Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal Review
Movie Info
Movie Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal
Year 2012
Production RS Infotainment
Actor, Actress
Atharvaa,Amala Paul,Santhanam,Jayaprakash
Technical Info
Director Elred Kumar
Music G V Prakash Kumar
Camera Shakthi
Editing Antony
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Here’s the one-line story of Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal. Actually it’s not so easy that youcan condense the story into a single line – after all the twists and turns the movie is packed with.Really now! There are just so many of them you kind of lose track of them. Yeah all of them andyou feel pointless for having stepped into the theatre after one point of time.

Coming back to the story now, it tells the story of a grown up man who can’t live without hismother and believes he found a girl in Amala Paul after he meets her. But what happens to himafter he parts with Amala Paul also? Now that’s the story. But the story travels all over the placesand you end up tearing up your hair.

The movie is directed as if it’s an ad film. You have pretty shots, songs and everything elsethroughout. So in the beginning of the movie Atharvaa hugs Amala Paul. And vice versa.And this happens in immediate succession throughout the movie. And this is also pepperedwith songs. And dialogues, yes how can we forget that. There are dialogues that could put thecheesiest and the most melodramatic of television serials to shame.

Atharvaa saves the day with his performance but what’s seriously the point with a story likethis – I mean yeah there is supposed to be a story. So Atharvaa has taken up a role that is quiteopposite of what he did in his debut movie as a slumdog. Even though he’s not responsible forthe complex story and the characterization, you feel pity for Atharvaa himself. So in effect,Atharvaa looks sometime like a romantic hero and sometimes dressed up weirdly and goes on akilling spree. And in fight sequences, he is upside down like ‘Naan Kadavul’ Arya.

There is no question for anything even remotely logic in the movie. Despite knowing thatAtharvaa is on a killing spree, the IG does not take any action and lets him loose. But if you areready to pardon the director for that sin, the head doctor who comes right after utters a dialoguesaying that it’s not a matter of concern for him since the police have given up on him. Really?

In the end, there are only two things in the movie that’s worth mentioning. Cinematography and art direction. While the cinematography brings out the beauty of many locales brilliantly, art direction makes one wonder if such a talent is wasted in a movie like this. Although the songs are good, they prove pointless and their pace is screwed. Especially the item song in the second half is unbearable.

While we have the slightest feeling that the story had little scope, the direction seals every hope of the movie being any good.


Verdict: Enter at your own risk!

Verdict : Enter at your own risk!

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