Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi Review
Movie Info
Movie Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi
Year 2012
Production Y NOT Studios
Actor, Actress
Siddharth,Amala Paul,Dhanya Balakrishna
Technical Info
Director Balaji Mohan
Music Thaman
Camera Nirav Shah
Editing TS Suresh
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It’s not every day (or every week) that you get to see a movie like Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadu Eppadi. So what’s so special about it, you ask? Is it a love story? Yes. Is it an urban love story? Yes. But that’s its similarities between other love stories end. It’s a story like no other. For one, it has no fight sequences, no villain and no punch dialogues. It also does not have songs shot in foreign locations and heroines strutting around in barely-there costumes. Also, it has no double entendre dialogues. So what makes it special and entertaining again?


It’s an out and out commercial entertainer all right. It has everything that you would expect out of a commercial movie. But it is non-intrusive at its best. The entertaining elements are not on your face and the movie lets you unwind yourself as it progresses. It’s a love story that will sell well among all ages.  And it does all that without an ounce of preachy-ness.


Director Balaji Mohan treads only the familiar path but he makes you discover that there is so much potential to unearth even in a beaten path like this. He has written a love story that is reflective of the love stories of today’s youngsters. And it’s all done in an entertaining manner, which is true to real life you fall in love with the movie immediately as it unfolds.


The movie has a smattering of characters and all of them are close to real life. In fact, one of the successes of this movie is that the characters depicted in this movie are relatable. Each character will remind you of a neighborhood friend or someone in your friend’s circle. And the scene settings are done so brilliant that they look like they are taken straight out of somebody’s life.


The dialogues are crisp and written keeping in mind the Gen-Y. Scenes like the girl making her boyfriend promise to talk only the truth and the guy in turn finding his foot firmly placed inside his mouth are enjoyable. You almost forget the last time you laughed so much and watched a movie in a theatre that is drowning with applauses on every such scene. Dialogues like ‘Ava Enkitta Pesumbodu En Mandaikkulla Ilayaraja Isai Kekkudu’ and ‘Ava Enkitta Pesumbodu En Mandaikkulla Kuttu Pattudaan Kekkudu’ are also worth their ink.


Siddharth and Amala Paul are perfectly cast for the role and the fact that Siddharth is also the producer of the movie helps hugely. Not only the lead characters but also the actors who played their father, mother and friends have performed brilliantly enhancing the movie’s value.


Another significant aspect of the movie is Nirav Shah’s camera and Thaman’s music. Nirav’s visuals complement Thaman’s music and songs beautifully. Even the minutest of detailing has been done to perfection by director Balaji and it’s a talent to incorporate all those details into the movie without making it stick out like a sore thumb.


The movie wears a mockumentary look and it is impeccable work that Balaji made the act flow with the movie. On the whole, Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadu Eppadi is a must watch. An absolute time-pass that also tells you a few of life’s lessons unpretentiously, without any air about it and not taking itself seriously.


Verdict: Must watch - Love in today’s times!


Verdict : Must watch - Love in today’s times!

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