Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai Review
Movie Info
Movie Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai
Year 2011
Production Madhan
Actor, Actress
Appukutty, Saranya Mohan
Technical Info
Director Suseenthiran
Music Ilaiyaraaja
Camera Theni Eashwar
Editing Kasi Viswanathan
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An oversize, unkempt man and his search for his lost horse seems hardly the plot for a Tamil movie. But believe us; it is. Welcome to the new age Tamil cinema where heroes are quirky little endearing tales populated by talented, yet as-yet-unknown actors. Suseenthiran has beautifully brought to screen, writer Bhaskar Sakthi’s story with very little or absolutely no flaws. Suseenthiran’s achievement lies in his perfect casting and the way he brings the story to life, extracting performances from his actors effortlessly. The story? Well that’s another story. A delightful one at that!

Azhagar Sami’s life revolves around his horse. His horse is his porter, hauling his consignments and his business. One fine day, after his wedding is finalized, he finds himself in a limbo because his horse goes missing. At the same time, in another village, the wooden chariot that is used to transport ‘Azhagar Sami’, the God, during the temple festival (the wedding) goes missing. Both the Azhagar Samis can have their weddings peacefully only if the horses are found. Thus begins the search for the horses!

So with a story like that, a brilliant premise is set. Suseenthiran steers the story with the help of his actors towards successful execution. None of the actors would seem like they are acting. Another smart idea of employing mostly debutants seems to have worked in Suseenthiran’s favor. Never for a moment you feel the actor is doing a job of acting, rather it’s the character that is playing the part.

As the story traverses the many idiosyncratic events of the village – the detailing of which is so brilliant that if you are familiar with life in the village, you will be amazed with it – it’s maestro Ilayaraja’s music that becomes the lifeline of the movie. It’s hard to even imagine remotely anybody else scoring this charmingly for a movie like Azhagarsamiyin Kudirai. Ilayaraja’s music blends seamlessly with the movie’s narrative creating a character of sorts for the movie. Be it the songs or the rerecording, Raja’s might shines in every single frame of the movie.

Another significant aspect of the movie is its dialogues. It’s allegorical and alludes to many social evils, bringing a smile to your lips. The undercurrents of metaphorical sarcasm drives home many points throughout the course of the movie.

The actors Appukutty, Saranya Mohan and the rest of the cast that fills in the roles of the village carpenter, president, soothsayer, sorcerer and the unruly kids are the movie’s tiny little gems. They shine individually, despite in their collective effort, and make the movie worthwhile.

Azhagarsamiyin Kudirai is not just a comedy film, to be treated as the so-called time pass fare. It’s a genuinely enjoyable movie watching experience. Movies with heart and soul in the right place, like Azhagarsamiyin Kudirai are a rarity in Tamil and when they turn up unannounced at our door step, it’s our responsibility to give them their due. Hail Suseenthiran and Bhaskar Sakthi for giving us this treasured tale that presents you with a slice of village life and human emotions in general.


Verdict: An indie gem; miss it at your own risk!

Verdict : Verdict: An indie gem; miss it at your own risk!

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