Muran Preview
Movie Info
Movie Muran
Year 2011
Production Cheran, UTV Motion Pictures
Actor, Actress
Cheran, Prasanna, Nikita Thukral, Haripriya, Suma Bhattacharya
Technical Info
Director Rajjan Madhav
Music Sajjan Madhav
Camera Padmesh
Editing Arun Durairaj
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Reason for expectations:  Cheran is back with another hard hitting material after Yutham Sei. Muran is produced by Cheran himself along with UTV Motion Pictures. The movie is directed by Rajjan Madhav, a debut director. Now Muran might not have attracted your attention because the producers are not banking on big time publicity. But the promos that have been released so far catch you by your senses.

It’s said that Muran is based on the legendary thriller movie Strangers on a Train, directed by the grandfather of thriller movies Hitchcock himself. We do not know who plays the character of the sinister stranger in Muran, but given the looks of Prasanna it’s him in all likelihood. And Cheran must play the amateur tennis player. But of course, the script must have endured a sea of changes keeping in mind the Tamil audiences.

Muran has Nikita Thukral (who was recently banned and later revoked from acting in Kannada movies), Haripriya and Jayaprakash playing pivotal roles. Sajjan Madhav is the music director and Padmesh, cinematographer.


Level of expectations: 45%


Genere: Action Thriller


Audiences: Cheran has his own set of audiences but Muran might appeal to all types of fans if it’s well done. Even if its’ half well done as Strangers in a Train.

Expectation : 45

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