Eththan Preview
Movie Info
Movie Eththan
Year 2011
Production Nazir
Actor, Actress
Vimal, Sanusha, Ilavarasu, Manobala, Mayilsamy
Technical Info
Director Suresh
Music Taj Noor
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Reason for expectations: Ethan, as the name suggests, is the story of a crooked (but with the heart of a gold, by all means) protagonist who thinks borrowing money to fulfill his needs and not repaying the loan has nothing damaging to do with his integrity. So Vimal plays the protagonist, not very different from what he did for Kalavani. So we sincerely hope Vimal's role is not stereotyped despite drawing similarities with Kalavani.

Vimal and Sanusha (who was a baby and now all grown up and ready to be the lead) are cast alongside each other. The movie deals with the trials and tribulations Vimal's character undergoes because of his loose habit of taking loans from every single acquaintance. His love with Sanusha takes a beat owing to this and how he fixes his life and love is what Ethan is all about.


Level of expectations: 50%


Genre: Love and Action


Audience: Since Vimal has carved a niche for himself with small-time movies, Ethan has the potential to become a surprise hit. The movie has the potential and if the director makes better use of the story's potential with the help of a tightly written screenplay, there is scope for the movie's success.

Expectation : 10

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