Deiva Thirumagal Preview
Movie Info
Movie Deiva Thirumagal
Year 2011
Production Sri Rajakaliamman Medias
Actor, Actress
Vikram, Anushka, Santhanam, Nassar, Amala Paul
Technical Info
Director A. L. Vijay
Music G. V. Prakash Kumar
Camera Nirav Shah
Editing Anthony
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Reason for expectations: Although Deiva Thirumagal is supposed to revolve around Vikram and his developmental disability, the title is women-centric since the earlier title got into trouble with a particular community. The second trouble Deiva Thirumagal had was when distributors refused to buy it. Subsequently, UTV decided to release the movie on its own. UTV reasoned that it has plans to take the movie to international film festivals and distributors are not ready to take up that huge responsibility.

Director A L Vijay's Deiva Thirumagal is inspired by the Hollywood film I am Sam. Although Vijay declines that he derived any such inspirations, the storyline is a clear cut give away. The movie focuses on Vikram's battle to secure custody of his daughter after a bitter divorce. Anushka plays the good-hearted lawyer who helps Vikram achieve the feat. There are supposed to be a lot of courtroom scenes in the movie. Since it's been a long time Tamil cinema has seen any courtroom scenes, it would be interesting to see how Vijay has dealt with them.

Vijay regulars G V Prakash Kumar, Nirav Shah and Anthony are present in the movie that also has Amala Paul, Nassar and Santhanam playing important roles. Deiva Thirumagal is also being released in Telugu under the title Nanna.

Level of expectations: 60%

Genere: Social Drama

Audience: Deiva Thirumagal will be a treat for hardcore Vikram fans, who like serious movies. They have had a disappointing few years and will look forward to the movie's release.

Expectation : 10

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